Norwegian Association of Latin American Studies (NALAS)

Articles of Association

Approved at Founding Convention – 18 June 2020.



NALAS builds on the valuable previous work of NorLARNet. Led by Benedicte Bull, as academic contact person, and Erik Berge, as coordinator, NorLARNet has between 2008 and 2019 supported the dissemination of research and knowledge about Latin America in Norway.


1. Objectives

The main objectives of NALAS are:

  • to work for improved opportunities for study and research of Latin America in Norway;
  • to promote Latin American scholarship;
  • to support and promote the dissemination of research results;
  • to consolidate and strengthen cooperation between Norwegian and Latin American researchers, and Latinamericanists elsewhere in the world;
  • to enhance communication and cooperation with Nordic and international networks and organizations focused on Latin American studies and research;

2. Membership

Membership is granted to:

  • Individuals in academic/research positions, including PhD students. These individuals should be based at a Norwegian academic/research institution and have Latin America as one of their main areas of research.  

  • Any individuals interested in the promotion of research based knowledge about Latin America in Norway.  

Student membership is granted to:  

  • Bachelor and Master students at a Norwegian academic institution who focus on or are interested in themes and issues related to Latin America.  

NALAS membership gives an individual the right to a discounted conference fee and access to all meetings organized by the association.  


3. The General Meeting

The General Meeting is convened annually and is the supreme authority of the association. There should always be an option to participate online.

  • The General Meeting:

a) decides on the location and date of forthcoming NALAS conferences;

b) notes the contents of the annual report[s] and audited accounts prepared by the board and votes on their adoption;

c) approves the work plan and budget for the coming period;

d) decides on proposals that have been received;

e) decides on any modification of the Articles of Association;

f) decides on the dissolution of the Association;

g) fixes the annual membership fees;

h) elects an auditor;

i) elects the chair, members and deputy members of the board, and members of the nomination committee.

  • Members are summoned to the General Meeting, if possible in co-arrangement with the NALAS Conference, and with at least four weeks’ notice.  

  • The Board makes their proposed agenda available to all members at least one week before the General Meeting.  

  • Changes to the agenda, and acceptance of proposals submitted within two weeks before the General Meeting, require a 2/3 majority of the attending members entitled to vote. 
  • Only members who have paid the membership fee for the current year, are entitled to vote. 
  • The General Meeting may allow other persons to attend as observers. The General Meeting shall be considered valid regardless of the number of members present.  
  • Voting can be done by proxy.

  • The General Meeting elects a chairperson for the meeting, together with a secretary to record its minutes.  

  • The General Meeting elects two members to count votes and sign the protocol.

  • All members are eligible for election to positions in the association.

  • Elections are based on candidates nominated by the Nomination Committee.

  • Chair, Board members and Nomination committee members are elected for two years i.e. half of the seats may be up for election every year.

  • Deputy members and Auditor are elected for one year.

  • All proposals are passed with a majority of the cast votes, with the exception of changes of the Articles of Association.

  • The Articles of Association require a 2/3 majority of the votes cast. If a parity of votes should occur, the issue is settled by drawing lots. Blank ballots are not counted.

  • All elections to positions in the association are passed with a majority of the votes cast, except for the position as Chair, which requires a majority of all entitled to vote. 

4. Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be summoned, with at least two weeks notice, if requested by a majority of Board members or one fourth of all NALAS members. An Extraordinary General Assembly can only decide on issues mentioned in the summons. The provisions on voting and elections for the General Assembly also apply for the Extraordinary General Assembly.

5. The Board

The NALAS Board is in charge of all NALAS matters and represents the association between General Assemblies.

The NALAS Board is constituted by a Chair, 4 members and 4 deputy members. It should include members from different disciplines and regions of Norway and members studying different regions in Latin America (e.g. Hispanic America and Brazil.)  

The Board is convened when the leader or a majority of the board members decides.  

The Board forms a quorum when a majority of its members is present. If a parity of votes occurs, the Chair has a double vote. Deputy members have the right to attend all meetings, but can only vote if replacing a board member.

  • The Board prepares the annual report, audited accounts, work plan and the budget for the coming period to be presented at the General Meeting.

6. Dissolution

The Association can only be dissolved by a General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, and with a 2/3 majority of votes. If dissolution should occur, the (Extraordinary) General Meeting must decide on the appropriate use of any remaining NALAS funds.